Best treatment for pigmentation on face

There is a rule that forbids people to ask a lady how old is she. Ageing has never been a friendly topic especially today when young girls might look like 40 years old women and opposite or grandmas can look like a Miss California. Amazing century, right? Skin pigmentation is one of those things, which might force you to be ashamed how old you look like. Unfortunately, many things in everyday life might cause hyperpigmentation. The best treatment for pigmentation on the face in OneFaceClinic or other delicate body areas is still laser treatment. Although some specialists might not accomplish a lot with the laser it is mainly because some part of the treatment is neglected or skipped. But let`s start from the beginning.

What is pigmentation and how does it occur?

Although human skin is darker in some body areas naturally, there are spots where skin pigmentation is additionally acquired. For example, except lips, a human face is one colour. If there are freckles or melasma then we called it hyperpigmentation. Darker spots are pigmented spots and if they don`t vanish by themselves then people start to look for a cure. Unfortunately, around the web, there are thousands of recipes, which don`t work.

Probably, you are asking if all skin types have pigmentation. The simple answer is yes, although, pigmented spots on darker and olive skins are not so obvious. However, there is a difference between body parts where you might find hyperpigmentation. For example, parts of the human body which are exposed more often to sunlight, are predisposed to darkening. Why is that? The reason is hiding in UV lights. They cause the skin to produce more melanin. Sometimes melanin is too much and we might notice different skin colour.

Not very popular fact is the skin pigmentation might appear after skin inflammation also. Unfortunately, here it is not possible to determine which parts of the body are at risk because it is possible to happen everywhere.

freckles skin pigmentation on face

What laser is able to do with pigmentation?

Laser treatments are the latest technology and they are the best treatment for pigmentation on the face. These treatments are non-invasive so there are no incisions and cutting. The specific ability of the laser beam is that it will be absorbed by the pigmentation spot and leaving the rest of the skin. This is possible thanks to laser technology. When the beam penetrates into the skin, it burns the stored melanin and forces the skin to create new cells at that place. Different type of pigmentations requires different repetition of the procedure. Sometimes repetitions might reach 5-6 times, while some people need only 2-3 times. The length of one procedure is between 3 and 15 minutes. It won`t take hours.

If the specialist has enough experience he might remove up to 80% of excessive pigment with one treatment. Of course, this is not happening often because the expert should calculate how strong the wave might be without damaging the tissue. Unfortunately, the opposite case is more common. Specialists with not enough experience provide painless procedures with too low laser strength and the following results are disappointing.  This is the main reason why many people declare that laser treatments are not effective at all.

However, pain during laser treatment is moderate. It still depends on the personal level of endurance. Some people report they feel more like pinching while others feel moderate bearable pain.

Another important fact, which might ruin the successful treatment is not using sun cream. Cream, which blocks UV lights is an absolute must – not only after the treatment but before it also. If the patient doesn’t protect her skin from the sun, it is absolutely possible for the dark spot to become darker.

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