Cheek fillers in Singapore – a short review

Cheeks are an important part of a human face. People tend to like people with more red and bigger cheeks. Due to aging our cheeks become flatter and lose their volume. It happens very often when the patient was ill or too thin, too. Cheeks should have stable shape and size because they support lower eyelid and if the elasticity is lost then the whole face look loose. Every cheek should have convexities and should form S-shape. Check your cheeks in the mirror and you will find out what we are talking about. If you don’t have S-shape because of aging or some other reason and you are worried about that, you should book an appointment with a dermatologist.

Choosing to have cheek fillers in Singapore is connected with two main reasons, according to The first one is because the skin is aging and losing its vitality. The second one is because the face is not proportional naturally. Facial balance is very important for creating a harmony in the appearance of the patient. Most people think that they need lower eyelid surgery when they need cheek fillers only.

Cheek fillers are implanted in cheeks area with injection.

According to a hundred of people who have cheek fillers, there is almost no downtime after the procedure. In addition, the benefit is that the procedure is long only 30 minutes.

What should you expect from cheek fillers?

They will lift your cheeks so you could forget about the gravity. They will give round look at your face, too. Have in mind that if fillers are positioned properly they will lift skin around the cheeks, too. Cheeks are in the middle of our faces and their shape is reflecting the whole face. Still, cheek fillers are the most effective tool if you desire to volume up your face. Cheek fillers in Singapore could be injected in different quantity depending on the patient’s goal. Sometimes patients have wrongful expectations, though. That’s why it is really important to book an appointment, before your procedure, and to discuss what is possible and what is not. Discussing with your specialist potential results will give you an accurate idea how your face will change. Don’t be afraid to ask as much information as you want, there is no specialist in cosmetic industry who will refuse to answer your questions.


Are cheek fillers expensive?

It depends on the amount which will be injected into your face. For example, there are people who need more than one dose in order to lift properly both cheeks. Accomplish the best result sometimes requires only a half dose. The price is between $800 and $2000 because there are different taxes and specialist’s fee.

Possible side effects after cheek fillers in Singapore

There are not a lot possible side effects because the treatment is simple and almost non-invasive. There is, although, a high possibility the patient to feel a little discomfort and swelling after the procedure. Some patients claim that they feel lumpiness next days but after a short period, they vanish. Have in mind that if you decide to undergo cheek fillers in Singapore procedure you should find a specialist who has experience in this area. Accredited cosmetic specialists have certificates hanged in their offices and you can check them online, too. Another measurement is to avoid touch your face right after the procedure. Almost everyone is curious what has happened but touching the face is not the thing you should do.



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