Most common reasons for breast augmentation

There are thousands of women, who are not fond of their breasts and would change them if they have the opportunity to do it. There are plenty of reasons for this decision and we will look deeper into them. Categorizing the reasons will help people to understand that there is nothing wrong in surgeries like breast augmentation and plastic surgeons are our friends, not enemies. According to the data, for 2015 the number of all breast procedures is 2,790,138 – amazing, right? If all those people have decided to undergo a breast augmentation procedure or similar, there should be some reasons. Undoubtedly, it is much easier to criticize than to make an effort to understand these people`s reasons. Let`s dive into the topic.

Reason number one for breast augmentation surgery

Surprise, it is a low self-esteem. It is not a secret that women and men need equal attention when it comes to their appearance. Unfortunately, the world is built this way that women need more attention than men because of their inner nature, and susceptibility. If this attention is not accomplished then the woman becomes shyer and starts to feel ashamed of normal things. Breast augmentation surgery gives her equal start with other women so she can be proud of her body and look, Allure Plastic Surgery digs deeper into this topic.

Small breasts

Except self-confidence based on other people`s opinions, there is a possibility for disproportionate breasts according to the body. We are not talking about middle size with B cup, but A cup combined with wide shoulders. If this was your body, you will want to change it too and there is nothing wrong with it. Some women are not naturally like this, they have sports figure because they exercise a lot and their breasts are lost in the muscles. Again, this is completely normal and can be fixed thanks to the breast augmentation surgery.

Two different breasts

We all know that our bodies are not completely proportional so our breasts are not, too. Sometimes, the difference is enormous, though. There are cases that breasts are two different cup sizes, which is not cool at all. Not only esthetic but also finding a bra will be a nightmare, too. A lot of women want to undergo breast augmentation just to become more proportional.

Losing weight

Yes, we know that every woman wants to be as this as it is possible but it is not a paradise for the breasts. Breasts are actually, fat tissue, so losing weight means losing breast volume. OK, they will not go to disappear but they can change their shape and perky look.

Breasts after pregnancy

To be pregnant is one of the most awesome feelings ever. Unfortunately, our bodies have different opinion and breasts are the speakers of it. They can suffer a lot during the pregnancy and their healing is not fast at all. However, breast augmentation surgery can improve their shape and even their size. Most women choose to enlarge their breasts and change the shape at once because the procedures can be combined with one anaesthesia and one recovery period. Breast augmentation surgery is included in mommy makeover surgeries.

Younger look

Women are obsessed with the idea for a younger look. They use makeup to hide wrinkles, hair extensions to look younger and even breast implants. Sagging breasts are not part of youth and women know that and can`t let it happen.

Of course, there are women who don`t care how their breasts look like and don`t put additional efforts. But most women are not this type, even if they don`t admit it.


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