Ellanse – the different filler

Everyone wants to be young forever. This is the ultimate goal for every woman and man after 30 years old. There are plenty products that promise forever beauty and young look but it is not a secret that very few of them can gain real results. The price of the products is not a warranty that you will have results, too. There are a lot of creams and cosmetic products which are extremely expensive, but they have little or no effect at all. That is the reason why plastic surgeries and fillers are so famous these days. Ellanse is different filler that can give you more natural look and long-lasting results.

What is the difference?

It is filler and it corrects the skin condition and looks immediately after the procedure. But it contains biomedical polycaprolactone microspheres and tailor gel. Micro-spheres will be absorbed by the body after several months but the collagen is left. Collagen has a very interesting function in our body, it should support skin and make it look tighter and fresh. When we lose a certain amount of the collagen, it needs to be restored in order to have a spectacular skin again. Ellanse dermal filler in Singapore is different because it stimulates the production of collagen naturally, explains Israrwong.com. The whole process has its own name — neocollagenesis.

Unfortunately, results are not permanent, but they will last from one year to four. It depends on the type of Ellanse fillers. This treatment is suitable to be used for every face part where there is not enough volume. It adds some smoothness, too. Ellanse dermal fillers can be used to correct nose imperfections, too. Another great alternative is the possibility to improve the condition of your hands’ skin with them. Usually, when we age collagen is disappearing from our hands, and they become wrinkled and thin. Ellanse fillers can improve their appearance.

How long will this treatment take?

Fillers are not the same as a surgery so the procedure is shorter and easier. Not only you won’t need anesthesia but it will be done for one hour. Of course, there is some difference depending on how delicate is the position and how experienced is the specialist. You don’t have a recovery time which you will definitely have after every plastic surgery. Imagine a facelift without the inconvenience of staying in the hospital. The benefit is that your body is stimulated to produce its own collagen which is an amazing effect. If you have some doubts about fillers and how natural they are — Ellanse dermal fillers are your best option. It will reshape and contour your face without downsides of the surgery.

What shouldn’t I do after my procedure with Ellanse dermal fillers in Singapore?

You shouldn’t do any exercises for at least 24 hours. Hot baths are forbidden, too. Another thing you should have in mind is sun exposure. At least a week after the procedure it is not recommended having the sun baths with sun exposure because it could damage the results.

A great advantage of Ellanse dermal fillers is that they delay aging. This is the most useful effect that one filler can have — not only improving the skin condition but delaying aging itself. It is preferred choice by people who have some scars on their faces, too. It could improve skin pigmentation, too. So people who have multiple imperfections and want to correct them, Ellanse dermal filler in Singapore is the best suitable solution.


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