GEMS is a remarkable IB School

All over the world, there are schools that have chosen International Baccalaureate┬« (IB) programmes. According to data these schools have more than one million students and over 70,000 educators. These numbers can show us that IB programmes are doing something right. GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is a part of IB Schools and it stands out internationally. Let’s see why is that? There is a reason why IB curriculum is a successful curriculum and why GEMS students have higher results.

Why is IB curriculum a different curriculum?

First, IB curriculum is not just one curriculum. IB programme includes activities that develop not only knowledge but higher intelligence in students. Young students and teenagers usually need such a curriculum to develop their curiosity and motivation for success. IB Porgramme is trying to educate students properly, so they can become better people when they grow up because education is not about knowledge, only. There are things like acceptance, understanding, and respect, too. Academic education is equally important to core values of people so every school has to pay attention to both things. The only one is simply not enough.

Similarities and Differences

Very interesting fact is although IB Curriculum is so different it can be combined with national curricula at all ages. For example, half of the schools who are educating students with IB Programme are state-funded. However, this programme is different from others because develops curiosity and critical thinking. Most schools don’t encourage kids to ask questions and to make assumptions actually this is a forbidden thing because it can evolve to wrong conclusions. However, in IB programme students are encouraged to learn more than one foreign language and to be open-minded for local and global educating possibilities. Probably one of the most valuable ability that every student acquires in IB World School is the ability to learn. This is extremely helpful for students who know that the whole life is learning and adapting. In closer perspective, it is helpful for university exams and university education in general.



GEMS World Academy (Singapore) is not just a part of IB World Schools but it is a significant one. A global standard for academic education is required to be a part of it. International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is what students have to achieve of the end of their education if they want to apply for a university. This diploma is really important because it shows that student has been educated not only in academic disciplines but to real-world life skills, like critical thinking, adapting and curiosity.

Let’s look deeper at the numbers.

Students, who have IB Diploma, have higher results, too. For example, GEMS students have 94.3% IB pass rate while students worldwide have 80.8%. Of course, numbers are average. The IB average score for 2015 for GEMS students was 34.0, while for students worldwide was 29.9. As you may see, there is a big difference in the accomplishments of the GEMS students and other students. That is the reason why GEMS students are easily approved for the best universities in the world. It is not a surprise that among that list there are names like Cambridge, Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and Berkeley. Our students are well-received in these universities because IB Programme has given them everything needed. In other words, if you don’t have a good foundation, you can’t expect to accomplish a lot fast.

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