Hair loss treatment with masks and home remedies

Changing seasons, stress and not-appropriate hair treatment can cause a hair loss. Men and women struggle daily with the falling hair. Often people see that there are too much hair left on the hairbrush but can’t realize what the problem is. Unfortunately, sometimes the problem is not easy to find. However, instead of panic, you can try several hair masks and see if there are results. If they don’t help at all, then you should probably book an appointment for a hair loss treatment specialist in Singapore, like those in

Yogurt for your hair.

You know how delicious can yogurt be, right? OK, we will reveal the secret that it is delicious for your hair, too. Mix 2 tablespoons yogurt with one tablespoon honey and juice from one lemon. You should leave it to your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse it with water. If your hair is a dry type, then you should do this mask at least twice every week. In Greek yogurt, there are proteins and vitamins and honey can prevent hair from damaging. Of course, this combo will force your hair to grow faster, too.
Next mask is a little smelly so don’t apply it if you are going to go out somewhere after that.

Onion mask.

Drain the onion juice from the vegetable and dip a cotton ball in it. Apply the mix to your scalp and stay with it for at least 30 minutes. If you want to reduce the smell of onion juice, mix it with honey and rose water. The next step is to wash your hair with your daily shampoo. This mask is extremely helpful to clean the scalp properly. Unfortunately, most hair problems linked to scalp condition so cleaning it is an essential task. Onion is killing all bacteria that harm your scalp and follicles. Sulfur in the onion helps a lot if you want to straighten your follicles successfully. Some hair loss treatments in Singapore use sulfur, too.

Green tea for your hair.

Green tea is good for your hair so find 2 packages and 2 cups with hot water (not warm, hot). Dip the packages into the water and when it cools down to apply it to your scalp and hair. Use your fingertips to massage your head gently. There is no need to wash it away with shampoo or rinse it again with pure water. Green tea has done the hard work and it doesn’t smell bad. Green tea is suitable for applying your shampoo instead of conditioner or mask. It is amazing hair stimulant so you will see how fast your hair can grow.



Coconut oil

Oils are pure magic not only for your hair and scalp but to your skin, too. Apply virgin coconut oil to your scalp and hair and leave it there for a night. You can wash it away in the morning with your daily shampoo. Coconut will hydrate your hair and follicles and will strengthen them. You will forget about the dry hair and breakages.

Hair loss treatment

If you have tried different solutions but nothing gives you wanted results probably you should look for specialists. In Follicle hair center there is a procedure called stem cell therapy which can reduce hair loss and restore scalp condition. Stem cell hair therapy infuses cells into the scalp and stimulates hair growth and essential ingredients. The treatment is painless and there is zero stress for the patient. This procedure includes scalp diagnose because sometimes scalp condition is the reason for hair loss, not the hair itself.

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