Health screening package in Singapore

Often as much an idea is populated as ignored it becomes. Health screening is one of these things that everyone knows and understands. Actually, if you ask 100 people are they going to examine their health next year, almost 99% of them will answer “yes”. In fact, 30% of them or less will do it. People have the habit to neglect their health because they have many things to do or don’t have enough time. Of course, everything has its own price. The price of not regularly health testing is too late diagnosis and too high hospital bills. Health screening is important for everyone no matter how old he or she is.

How much health screening cost?

The price of health screening depends on what is included in the list and according to most hospitals have different health screening packages according to your age and gender. Of course, the patient is free to choose from the list or to go through all tests. Usually, hospitals have one general health screening package which includes the most common health conditions. The prices are between $100 and $300, so you should check it in advance.

What does health screening include?

A physical exam is the first thing that your doctor will do. Don’t worry your doctor will measure only your weight and height. Next step will measurement of your body mass index and blood sugar. This is important for people who have diabetes or have relatives with it. If you are predisposed to some health condition, doctors consider that you are in a risk group so you should test yourself more often that people who don’t have relatives with the same medical condition. A cholesterol test is one more thing that you should examine regularly especially if you are above 40 years old. Your doctor can prescribe you a urine test and a vision one. Vision one is recommendable for people who work on computers or read daily. If you share with your doctor, your medical history then he will recommend you some add-ons, which depend on it. Actually, you have to share your medical history in order to have accurate results.

What is the difference between public and private clinics?

Some people will claim that there is no difference but in fact, often in private clinics, health screening packages include more tests. Another thing, which is different, is the price. Most private clinics have private laboratories where they send samples that’s why their fees are higher. However, between choosing a public or private clinic, my advice is to choose the health screening package. You will be surprised, how different they could be. Compare several and choose which one suits you the most. If you aren’t able to do that, ask your doctor, and he or she will be happy to help you with a recommendation.

How often should I go for a health screening?

This may surprise you, but younger people don’t need screening tests as often as older people. This doesn’t mean they don’t need at all so regular screening is mandatory. However, if you are picky about the price don’t forget that not testing can be way more expensive than testing. Just compare the prices of some pills with the price of health screening package, and you will know what we are talking about. Preventive care supposed to save lives so you shouldn’t be afraid of some quick tests that are going to show you nothing but facts. Most clinics have the practice to send results online so you should feel as much comfortable as it is possible. Some of them are able to send the results to your doctor directly without disturbing the patient.


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