How to get rid of eye bags

What are the best homemade remedies to get rid of eye bags?

If you have ever doubted we are the generation who loves homemade remedies. We can buy almost everything by the store but we prefer to make it at home – it’s more bio. This is valid for every aspect of our life – cleaning agents, food, and even cosmetic products. Yep, most of the millennial’s cosmetic is homemade. Surprise, right? Wrinkles, pimples, eye bags – all of them don’t have a chance in front of merciless homemade cosmetic products and masks. Today, we choose to take a look at eye bags and various ways to get rid of them. I am completely sure you will support me in the statement that they are not the best facial feature. We will get back to homemade recipes later, now let’s inspect why they exist?

What causes bags under my eyes?

Although skin layers are all the same across the whole body, in some places it is thicker. Unfortunately, eye bags are exactly that spot where the skin is thick and filled with blood vessels who distribute blood to the eyes.

  • So this is the first reason – the skin is not suitable for constant treating. Unfortunately, women who wear makeup know that it is impossible not to treat this area with foundation makeup, corrector, eyeliner and mascara.
  • The second reason is water retention and free radicals. This reason is actually a general reason which consists of many other reasons like alcohol, lack of sleep, bad diet, too many coffees, etc. If you start to live healthily, your body will be enough hydrated and your eye bags will not feel the lack of water. Of course, most people need a bigger reason to motivate them to start live healthily.
  • Ageing and less collagen production is the next reason for eye bags appearing. It is not a surprise that we run out of some essentials when we get old that’s why millennials have to read carefully how to remove eye bags at home naturally?

Homemade recipes

If there is no some medical problem, then you should be able to reduce your eye bags and even get rid of them using these recipes.

Hydration and antioxidants

Although eye bags appear because of too much water in the body, they might run away if your metabolism is good enough and process substances properly. The first thing you should do if you want better metabolism is drinking more water. So it might sound wrong but coping with water retention is achievable only with drinking more water.

Antioxidants are caffeine (if applied on the top of the skin), vegetables, fruits, broccoli and spinach. If you consume them your body will throw away toxins and you will win fresher look.

Caffeine mask is an amazing one. Some people use caffeine for eye bags, other for cellulite. Sediment in coffee or already used tea bags have enough caffeine for your eye bags. Apply them directly on your face and stay why they are completely dry. Rinse with water and enjoy the result.

coffee mask eye bags

Low temperatures are a gift for your blood vessels

Apply some cold compresses on your eye bags and you will see how your blood vessels will tighten from joy. You are free to choose what type of cold compress to use. The list is a long one – frozen spoon (wrap it up in some cloth because it can stick on your face), a cold package with veggies from the fridge (you can put it back in the fridge after you finish), sliced cold cucumber, or even wet with cold water washcloth.

Potato mask

Potatoes are amazing because they have antioxidants and vitamins. If you apply them cold then the temperature is the second benefit. You can use smashed raw potatoes or you can cut them on slices. It doesn’t matter as long as you are able to apply them to your eye bags easily. Stay with the potatoes for 15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. The effect will astonish you.


Sometimes eye bags are a different colour from the rest of the skin. The difference is just a one or two shades but it is obvious and eye bags look bigger. Lemon has bleaching properties so if you want to lighten this area you can apply one or to drops. Have in mind that lemon juice should be removed after 5 minutes with warm water.

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