Let’s answer some questions about Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery is a popular surgery which corrects vision. A lot of people plan to have Lasik but have some questions. Although we are not surgeons, and we can’t answer all of them we can reveal some mysteries. If you have additional questions be brave and ask your doctor. Surgeons are happy to answer all questions when you book an appointment for a consultation. Let’s begin!

You know that the transport is important and most people are curious if they will be able to drive them home after the surgery. Unfortunately, after Lasik eye surgery patients can’t drive explains Doctorxdentist.com. Blurriness can appear and prevent the patient from proper vision. In addition, your eyes will be sensitive to bright light, so driving is out of the question. In some surgeries, a sedative is used so it is not appropriate for the patient to drive. The best option is to have some friend to drive you home and to help you during the first day. Next day you will need someone to lead you to your doctor again, too.

If I am pregnant can I have the Lasik surgery?

The answer is you can but it depends. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in woman’s body so the results from Lasik surgery can’t be predicted fully. Another downside is that there are some medicines that are prescribed after the surgery so you pregnant woman should be careful with them, too. In other words, if it is possible to postpone the surgery, pregnant women should do it.

Lasik surgery can improve your night vision.

Some people report that their night vision is improved after their Lasik surgery. There a few who report that their night vision is reduced not improved in a way that they see halos and glares.

Is it possible to read easily after a Lasik surgery?

Reading ability can decrease with years, and we struggle to read even our favorite magazine. However, Lasik surgery can heal presbyopia thanks to mono vision technique. This is intentional improving the refractive errors in the one eye only. This way another is mildly nearsighted so it can read better. If you want to improve your ability to read share it with your surgeon, and he will explain to you what your options are.

Is it possible to be under general anesthesia during the surgery?

Yes, it is possible but there are no additional advantages from it. Lasik surgery length is 10 min only. If you are afraid, you can ask your doctor to give you some sedative to feel more calm and brave, but general anesthesia is not needed at all.

The most common question is how painful the surgery is?

During the surgery, there is no pain. There is some pressure for a minute or two but it is not painful so the patient doesn’t have to be afraid. After the surgery eye drops will wear off and there will be slight discomfort but it will vanish in several hours. Some people take a nap and avoid it successfully.

Am I old enough to get a Lasik surgery?

Refractive errors are growing up with the age so most surgeons recommend waiting until the body is fully developed and the refractive error, too. The main idea is to wait at least 18 years before consulting for Lasik surgery because nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can develop again after the surgery if you do it earlier. Otherwise, Lasik surgery is permanent. If there are some changes, they probably are due to some changes in the body and Lasik enhancement surgery can be provided additionally.


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