Let’s talk about clean water

Have you heard that every man should drink 2 liters water per day?

This is fact but have you think that we use water for more than drinking. We use clean water for washing, cooking and making a coffee, for example. Actually, the real number is way bigger. Every man needs a from 5 to 13 gallons of water every day. The reality is that the world can’t supply all this water to all people. That is why 783 million people don’t have access to clean water at all. Three million people die from bad water every year. Not only the quality of the water is not drinkable but sometimes water doesn’t even reach people who need it. We all know that good hygiene and health need clean water and access to water supply. That`s why in our homes we have a hot-cold water dispenser.

If there is clean water for everyone then the death cases will be reduced by 21%. Hand washing and sanitation can reduce death cases by 35% or more.

What is happening when we drink dirty water?

Our body can’t absorb the dirt and our stomach starts to malfunction. This means that we can’t drink anything but a clean water because diarrhea can literally kill us. For example, 30 000 people find death every week because they have drunk polluted water. Lack of access to sanitation and drinking unsafe water affect children, too. Actually, it affects mainly children because their body is not ready to fight with bacteria.

In future water will become less accessible. Today, 18 countries have access to one water basin and this is the maximum – the Danube River. If the water becomes more valuable there will be more conflicts based on the right. Almost 300 countries share water basin with one or two more countries.

What does wastewater mean?

This is all the water that is negatively impacted by people. People daily use water and dumb it. This creates wastewater. Domestic and industrial activities create wastewater, both. There are a lot of measurements that aims to reduce the quantity of this type of water in the industry but most of them are not working properly and people still throw away polluted water in oceans and other basins. Which is threatening health not only to fish and ocean animals but to people, too. Every year 300, 400 tons of wastewater is dumped by the industry.



Why is fresh water so important?

Freshwater means life and not only, when we drink water because we are thirsty. Every animal on earth lives in water or needs water to live. Biological species need fresh water to survive and if they lose their access to it, then depth happens. Like it or not fresh water means that they are harmony in bio chain. If something is ruined, then catastrophic things can happen.

Why do I tell you all this information?

We witness every day how someone explains that the world is going to over, and we don’t do anything o prevent it. We are not going to be one of these people. We just want to point the meaning of fresh clean water because it is important for our health and bodies. Sometimes we are not able to drink a whole glass of clean water because we don’t have time not because we don’t have access to it. If you want to have clean filtered water then you probably use one of these fashion hot and cold water dispensers. A hot-cold water dispenser is a miracle because it cleans water and warms it. If you need cold water, it is waiting for you. If you need hot water, it is waiting for you, too. To have a hot cold-water dispenser in Singapore from Triple Lifestyle Marketing Pte Ltd. is not necessary but it is really cool and healthy. Moreover, there is nothing more helpful for our planet than living a healthy life. Let’s start from living a healthy life and drinking clean water.

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