Ligaments Tear or Sprained Ankle

We use our ankles daily. They wear all our weight while we are walking or running and that’s why ankles are one of the most complex parts of the human body. They have really strong ligaments that allow them to perform daily activities. If you know more about human nature, you probably know that we love to test our limits that’s why so often people tear their ligaments. Torn ligaments mean that someone has tried to move beyond the limits of his body – of course, it could be unintentionally. Damage can be serious or a mild one but both times ligament tear will need recovery time.

What to do when you have a mild ligament tear?

  • Try to define if you experience a lot of pain. If you can’t step on your foot because of the ankle – look for medical help;
  • If you feel pain but it’s not too much try to rest for a few days and skip all the running and high heels;
  • If you feel pain slightly and notice some swelling, you should apply ice to prevent more swelling.

Unfortunately, the ankle has a memory so if you don’t treat it properly, the chance to tear the ligament again is a big one. Weaken your ankles is not a good thing so don’t skip rehabilitation and resting after the injury. Long-term troubles can include numerous unpleasant effects on your ankle structure, which might lead to arthritis or chronic pain. As you may guess, both things are bad.

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What does it mean to tear a ligament?

First, let’s look at what exactly ligaments are. Their structure is fibrous tissue which purpose is to be a bridge between bones. Bones are truly the biggest part of the human skeletal, but we can’t function only with bones. We need ligaments, muscles and other tissue to move and function. So ligaments are the part that connects two or more bones, including the ankle bones. In addition, they stabilize joints and hold the bones in the right position. If one ligament is damaged the bones are uncontrollable. Completely torn ligament means that fibers and tissue are torn. In this case, ligament tear surgery is inevitable.

How can you twist your ankle?

Imagine that you are flying and your feet have never touched the ground. If this were the case, ankle injuries would be almost impossible. Unfortunately, this is just a dream and we walk on our feet every single day. Sometimes the ground is uneven and accidents happen. When the biggest possibility to sprain your ankle appear?

  • If you are walking on the uneven surface, you may step improperly;
  • If you are wearing high heels and don’t watch where you step;
  • If you used to wear high heels and put some snickers – the chance to step badly while adapting is a big one;
  • If you are running and don’t watch out;
  • All running sports are equal to higher risk. Imagine football, basketball, etc. While watching for the ball people often forget to watch out for their ankles;
  • Hitting or stepping on the foot is another thing that can cause a ligament tear.

However, the worst thing is to hear how the ligament tears. Most people describe the sound as “pop” and the pain as severe at the moment of tearing.

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Ligament tear surgery is not always recommendable

Don’t understand us wrong, surgery is recommendable only when non-surgical methods fail to show some progress. As we mentioned, if the ligament tear is a serious one, then ankle might be unstable so measures are required. Ignoring such a pain might cause problems that are more serious. The only possible way for you to see if your ankle is suitable for a ligament tear surgery in Singapore is by X-ray. However, if it is, then you have two options – reconstruction or arthroscopy.

Arthroscopy is a modern minimalistic method of surgery. Thanks to a micro camera and micro tools, the surgeon is able to remove any “spare” parts from the ligament or joint that prevents the ankle from healing. Reconstruction is another method when the surgeon stitches the ligament or sutures it. Ligament tear surgery in Singapore might be a grafting more tissue where it is needed. The new tissue is usually taken from other tendons or ligaments.

Part of the tear ligament ankle recovery is immobilization. Some surgeons prescribe a protective boot that limits the movements of the ankle for at least 2 weeks. Another part of the ligament ankle recovery is the rehabilitation. It might be a year-long because ligaments are hard to heal and attach so don’t rush it. How big was tear ligament surgery matters, too. So don’t take it for granted and ask your surgeon for the best rehabilitation plan. In addition, don’t try to work out with that ankle before you are completely sure that it has healed.

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