Liposuction – developing of the procedure and final results

At the beginning of 1926, a French surgeon decided to fulfil the dream of a young ballerina which knees have gathered too much fat. There weren’t old procedures that he might follow, so he decided to try something innovative. He tried to remove the fat with uterine curette but the results were not as expected. In the end, ballerina lost her leg because of gangrene and sued the surgeon. This was the moment when the medical board has decided that before every surgery the patient has to agree with the procedure – signing papers for proof. Then liposuction went through using sharp curette, a blunt cannula, vacuum pump and even manual syringe suction to reach to the point of modern successful liposuction procedure, like these in Dreamplasticsurgery, which we might have today.

What is important for one liposuction to be successful?

The first and most important condition is the patient’s health. Although, liposuction is a plastic surgery it is still surgery so the patient has to be in good health. The surgeon always examines medical history and predispositions to a different health condition. Large volume liposuction requires longer hospitalization and careful observation after the surgery. For example, obesity patients could develop lidocaine toxicity during the surgery that’s why surgeons are extremely careful with them.

Most people think that all patients are suitable for liposuction but that’s not true at all. Most people need to follow some food regime and exercising routine before liposuction. Some people have expectations that are so wrong that their surgeons have to convince them that they shouldn’t undergo this type of plastic surgery. In some cases, patients have to visit psychological evaluation before the liposuction.

The liposuction procedure went through many changes and concerns especially when patients have serious health problems, like sleep apnea, cardiovascular or thyroid disease. As you may suppose people with illnesses, like these, might have fatal complications if they undergo liposuction.

Have in mind that liposuction always has been a procedure for contouring not for a weight-loss. Before the surgery, patients should start to burn their fat deposits with diet and training. The liposuction won’t have good results in people who don’t want to change their lifestyle and dieting. It won’t save them from 50 kilos. Patients who have average weight but have deep deposits of subcutaneous fat will have the best results. In addition, the dream patient of most surgeons is the one with highly elastic skin, which is able to tighten.

Although liposuction is a popular procedure, it is often a part of another treatment. For example, most patients prefer to combine liposuction with mammoplasty, body contouring, abdominoplasty or thigh lift.

cellulite woman

Can I get rid of my cellulite with liposuction?

The short answer is YES. Cellulite is changed adipose tissue often observed in women. Some women don’t have it while others have a lot from it. Most people think that cellulite is an ageing result but in fact, it is linked to genetic predisposition, not ageing. Cellulite is situated in the uppermost layer and it improves its condition after recovery from liposuction. The effect is not a direct one but it is obvious.

How many different types of liposuction exist?

The most popular one is the suction-assisted liposuction in Singapore provided in Dreamplasticsurgery, which is suitable for big or multiple areas of the body. If the patient needs only body contouring or neck liposuction then manual liposuction is applicable. Power-assisted liposuction is a different type of liposuction, which uses cannula managed by an external power source. At first, this procedure was not one of the favourites because there were too much noise and vibrations but today these disadvantages are eliminated.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction is a new method in which the surgeon breaks fat deposits and removes them with an ultrasound machine. Ultrasound liposuction is a part of a traditional one but it reduces the amount of blood and increases the performance. It might increase the length of the incision but will decrease the trauma.

Laser-assisted liposuction is the last one created a type of liposuction. The surgeon makes a small incision and inserts a laser fibre into the fat deposits. The laser is able to destroy the cells and then ordinary cannula sucks them out. This procedure is accompanied by a high noise and cooling device has to be used during the whole procedure because the laser beam is hot.

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