What do you need for perfect wedding photos?

Wedding days are special days when all people who you love are gathered in one place. At least this is how things should do but sometimes there are a lot of obstacles in front of creating the perfect wedding. Usually, the groom and the bride are so tired from the preparation in the morning that they don’t have enough strength to feel happy. On every wedding, there are different troubles with cake, music or food. But after a certain amount of time, you will forget all the problems and remember only the good part of the ceremony. Naturally, our memories fade with time and the only one thing that is left behind are photos. In conclusion, it looks like photos are the most important part of the wedding ceremony. We believe that bad photographer and bad photos can ruin one wedding that’s why we gathered several practical pieces of advice what you will need for a perfect wedding album.

Guests are important. They are your family and friends so you should entertain them during this celebration. The best idea is to hire a wedding photo booth and all your guests can jump around or make funny faces in front of the camera. Imagine how fun they will have because of GIF photography. Not only wedding photo booth is extremely fun but you will have your GIF photos immediately.

Make research for a good photographer.

Except for photo booth you can have a regular photographer, too. Have in mind that there are plenty of specialists who have different ways of photo shooting so you should make research. Try to find which one suits you most with his style and ideas for photo backgrounds. If you like more than one – make a list. Pay attention if people on the photos look calm or stressed. This is red alarm if the photographer is capable of making them calm during the photo shooting. This is important because if people are nervous their faces and posture look tense.

Go meet your photographer.

If you have made a list of photographers it is essential to go and meet them. You would prefer friendly photographer for your wedding. For example, photographers of Ubersnap wedding photo booth are extremely cool people and will answer all your questions. In addition, they will be patient with your guests and will explain to them how to fit best in GIF photos.

Two very important terms are to sign a contract and to check references.

Signing a contract with your photograph gives you a safety. You shouldn’t miss this part even if he forgets to offer you, you should ask him. Checking references online is OK, but you need more information. There is nothing wrong to ask him, to give you the contact information of some of his clients.

Tips for wedding photo shooting

If you hire a wedding GIF photo booth, you will entertain your guests during your wedding. But taking regular photos during the ceremony is not so much fun so it is a good idea to schedule portrait photoshooting before the wedding. This is preferred because bride’s makeup and hair are still fresh and untouched. Additional advice is always to keep your head up. Even, if you don’t want to smile or can’t, you should look 10 inches above the horizon. This is 100% warranty that you will look amazing.

The most important thing on your wedding day is to have fun so hire wedding photo booth and make dozens of crazy wedding photos.


My experience with the wedding photo booth

Choosing the right one was not the easiest part. My husband and I have searched for a professional wedding photo booth like Ubersnap wedding photo booth services for 2 months. Eventually, I saw an ad online and book an appointment for a one-hour photo booth. We went with some props and had real fun for an hour. Then, the decision was made. It was our wedding photo booth. The photographer was so sweet and kind that I wanted to hire him for the whole ceremony, unfortunately, this was not possible. However, during the ceremony, he explained to all guests how to make more interesting photos and I haven`t spotted people who weren`t laughing or having a good time. The result was one amazing ceremony with a lot of smiles and good memories. This was all possible thanks to the professional attention and friendly environment. That is all that you need for an amazing wedding.

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