Nose job myths you need to know

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery and except the cost, people want to know what the process includes. Looking for information on the web could be dangerous because of misconceptions and myths. The struggle for a beautiful nose is well-known for centuries so you shouldn’t be surprised when you find out that rhinoplasty is second most popular surgery after breast augmentation. That’s why there are so many myths about nose job in Singapore. We asked Dr Samuel Ho what he would like to explain all his future patients and save them all lies and myths that they will read in future about nose job in Singapore.

What is the cost of a nose job in Singapore?

The final cost of the nose surgery could reach $10,000 but this is the cost of all taxes and anaesthesia, etc. There are many clinics and the clinic taxes may vary a lot but the highest price is $10,000. The price of the nose job itself is around $3, 000 or $4,000 but it depends on the clinic and the surgeon. That’s why medical tourism is so popular in Singapore because people are ready to travel to a foreign country to have quality results.

It is not a big job

Wrong! A nose job is one of the most complex plastic surgeries because it is artistic and functional at the same time. The nose is an important part of breathing so every change could affect air stream and the patient will not feel OK. The plastic surgeon should be careful with bone reducing and altering because it will have an effect on patient’s profile. Another thing is proportion so the surgeon should consider it too. Computer calculations help a lot with the proportions but the medicine is not so technologically advanced to use digital hands so the surgeon’s hands are still important. Dr Samuel Ho explained that there are some surgeries where digital hands help a lot but rhinoplasty is not one of them for now.

How much bruising is after a rhinoplasty?

First, there are different types of nose jobs so bruising depends on the type of intervention. For example, if the nasal bone is broken then there is no way bruising to be avoided. However, some people bruise easily than others so your surgeon can’t make an adequate prognosis how bad it will be. After the surgery, during recovery, your doctor will take all needed measures to reduce the bruising and swelling.

It is way too painful

No, it is not. Actually during the surgery patients don’t feel pain at all because of the anaesthesia. After the surgery, swelling is painful but it is not as much as you think and doctors give painkillers. The whole thing is more uncomfortable than painful because the nose is congested which you may guess is not the best thing in the world. In addition, patients should breathe through the mouth so their throat dries.

Copying someone else’s nose is easy

No, it is not. And something else – it is not cool, too. We have different faces and proportions and nose is one of the most visible facial parts so nothing out of proportion should happen there. Copying someone else’s nose might mean that you want too small or too big nose for your face and you will look ridiculous. Trusting your surgeon is essential, shares Dr Samuel Ho because he will recommend you what is best for you and your face. If you have other expectations, it is the best to discuss them with him before the surgery.


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