Several ways to get rid of acne scars in Singapore

If you have experienced acne on your body or face you have met the devil. Most people consider that acne is bad because it is ugly the truth is that there a lot of hidden downsides. Have you seen the skin of a man or woman who had untreated acne? It has noticeable scars. Of course, not everyone has scars people who have a minor form of acne are the lucky ones. However, those who are not lucky enough to have clear skin without scars have to find a way to get rid of them.

There are several ways for getting rid of acne scars in Singapore but the most suitable are ones that are recommended by your dermatologist, Of course, it will be different for every type of skin and man’s medical history.

There are different types of acne scars

Widespread is “Ice pick” type of acne. Patients with ice picks have scars that look like they were made by ice picks – they are small but deep and noticeable. Second type scars are boxcar sharps. No matter they are deep or shallow they have edges that are visible. The third type is a rolling type. Acne scars rolling type are caused by some damage to the upper layer of the skin. Depending on your type of acne scars your dermatologist will appoint treatment.

Very often people think they will visit a dermatologist, and he will solve their cosmetic issue at once. This is not possible. Our skin is more complex than this and needs more treatments and care.



The problem with acne scars removal in Singapore is that the upper layer of the skin has to be removed. There are several ways doing this. A laser is the one option — it will create a smooth surface. Another good method is dermabrasion. Your dermatologist will use a rough tool, called spinner, and will get rid of acne scars. A chemical peel is the last method. It is not recommendable to light acne scars so you can use this method only if your scars are deeper. No matter what method you will choose your face will be pink for the next week or two. New layer skin will not start to renovate before the first week after the procedure.

How helpful are fillers for acne scar removal in Singapore?

Fillers could be used to plump the skin under the affected area. The result will be smooth skin and fresh look but this is temporarily so the treatment should be repeated. How often? It depends on things like the type of the skin and type of filler. The one is sure, though – this is not permanent.

Needling is another great method to renovate your skin. Your dermatologist will use a tool full of needles and will roll it over your skin. This will force your skin to start renewing itself. The last option is surgery. Your surgeon will cut the area with acne scars and will fill it with skin grafts from another part of your body. This is recommendable only if other methods didn’t work.

If you took a decision to get rid of your acne scars in Singapore, then you should ask your dermatologist several things. Ask him if he has enough experience with skin like yours. Ask him how many treatments will you need and what will be the price. Ask him if you can use your insurance. Additional question to ask your dermatologist is what the measures you should take after the procedures are and how expensive will they be. Don’t hesitate to ask him every question you have in mind because this is your skin and your responsibility to be informed enough.

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