Tummy tuck or Liposuction – what should I choose?

All over the world, people consider different things for beautiful. Some women are appreciated when they are thin, some when having little fat. In Brazil, for example, women have to be booty in order to be attractive otherwise, they are not pretty enough. Beauty standards are different and plastic surgeries try to please everyone. That’s why aesthetic treatments are so well-developed and almost every year there is a new treatment that can enhance your look. However, some plastic surgeries are still good although they are created years ago. Aesthetic treatments, like tummy tuck and liposuction, are still popular if you want to have a flat stomach.

Do you want a flat stomach?

Liposuction is the perfect procedure if you want to get rid of your stomach fat and can’t do it with exercises and diet only. All of you who eat only vegetables know that this is not always helpful. We have some stubborn fat deposits that human body refuses to throw away. The tummy tuck is complex surgery because it includes not only removing some amount of fat but tightening excessive skin, too. The difference, according to TummyTuck Singapore, is that tummy tuck doesn’t aim to remove a big amount of fat so if you want to lose weight, this is not the best treatment for you.

Which surgery is more famous?

Liposuction is easier surgery because the recovery time is shorter and the surgeon simply sucks the fat deposits. There is almost no scar, while tummy tuck surgery has a bigger scar. Often, except removing skin and a small amount of fat, surgeon tighten abs muscles. Surgeons usually recommend at least 2 weeks of recovery because muscles need time to start working properly. You might don’t know that, but we do a lot of things with our abs including sitting. Your abs are responsible for more than you think so you will not be able to move them painlessly.

Should I have liposuction and wait for my skin to tighten by itself?

A liposuction is an option when you are young and your skin is still elastic. Elasticity comes from the availability of collagen into human cells. Collagen has the bad habit of vanishing when we start ageing so you should consider this as a fact. Your surgeon will determine if you are suitable for liposuction and how much time you will spend recovering at the hospital and in your home. If you are part of medical tourism then you will recover in the clinic. In Singapore, many clinics offer 5 stars medical care after aesthetic surgeries, like liposuction and tummy tuck. If you are looking for the best clinics, Singapore should be on your list.

Is it possible two procedures to be performed at the same time?

Yes, actually this is a common practice if the liposuction is on the hips and the sides. It is not acceptable patient to have liposuction on the tummy while having a tummy tuck because there is a problem with the blood supply. If surgeon chooses to combine the two procedures, he uses one anaesthesia but the recovery time is longer.

When will I be skinny?

It depends on the position of the fat deposits and their amount. If you have fat deposits on your thighs, too then you probably should have several procedures until you achieve your dreamed body. However, if your goal is skinny then you should discuss this with your surgeon. He will give you the right direction for your expectations and you will know what will be the result.


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