Types of hair loss supplements for women

Woman’s self-esteem might be tricky. Some women are proud of their skin and hair but don’t have good self-esteem because they weight too many kilos. Others are thin but their hair is decreasing and going grey so they can’t watch themselves in the mirror. Women have different reasons why not to walk proudly in the street and often their hair condition is one of them. It becomes really bad when a woman notices that her hair starts falling. Then the only thing she thinks is hair masks, nutrition and vitamins that could restore her hair as fast as possible. Most women know there are a variety of reasons for hair falling but the panic rarely might be controlled. That’s why we decided to help women who are in the middle of such a crisis. We found out more about the link between hair loss and vitamins. In addition, we will give you more info about the supplements that you have to drink if you want to have enough vitamins and strong and colourful hair so you don’t have to be looking for ways to mask or reverse grey hairs, at least not until you’ve aged and reached this point. Keep reading!

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

Vitamin D often is responsible for hair loss and for the impossibility for creating new follicles. Last decades these were just assumptions but recently few studies prove that there is a link between Vitamin D and hair loss. The vitamin is significant about forming new hair cells. Hair follicles are a special type of hair cells that create hairs. When the body experience deficiency of vitamin D, there is not enough power for new follicles and new hair. The process stops and people notice bald spots. Actually, bald spots have a special name – alopecia. People who have alopecia always have a vitamin D deficiency but the opposite is not always true. If you doubt that you might have a deficiency of this particular vitamin check the symptoms: muscle weakness, depressions, continuous pain, fractures that heal too slowly, less vitality and endurance.

What supplements should I take for hair loss?

The human body can take vitamin D from nature. Sunlight ensures a big part of the vitamin and our skin is able to enjoy it. However, if this is not possible, supplements are the next step. Babies who haven’t reach 1 year should take 400 IU while bigger children and adults – 600 IU or more. Elder people should take more than 800 UI if they want their body to get the necessary quantity. Elder people need more Vitamin D because it is responsible for bones and calcium breakdown, too. People who had broken arm or leg also need more vitamin D. Doctors usually prescribe the supplement to athletes or people who work out constantly.

avocado and eggs for vitamin d

A good recommendation is to take the supplements with healthy fats because they help the absorption of the body. If you don’t know what type of fats we are explaining, check this list:

  • Cheese products;
  • Nuts;
  • Ripe avocado;
  • Meat including fish;
  • Chia seeds;
  • Eggs.

Eating these foods together with Vitamin D supplements will restore your hair growth and strength in no time.

How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

Eating healthy and not damaging your hair are the first things you should do for your hair. Nutrition is essential but it can’t help if you have some illness. That’s why consulting with a dermatologist is a must if you notice bald spots or too much hair on the brush. Women always overreact when it comes to their hair that’s why make sure that you really have a reason for panic. Otherwise, your hair can fall because of the season or just you brush it too hard last time.

Sun exposure is the next thing on the list. We all know that too much exposure is not healthy but if you are moderate then you don’t have to what to worry about. For example, 30 minutes walk under the sun will not damage your skin and you will get enough vitamin D for the day.

We already have mentioned the importance of nutrition but we forget to point out that all vegetarians and vegans have to drink supplements because they won’t take the vitamin from their food.

All these things will help you regrow your hair naturally. Have in mind that there are aesthetic procedures and treatments that will help too. Modern dermatology and aesthetic medicine have created enough opportunities for people who seek for better hair without bald spots.

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