What are the most popular question about dental implant surgery?

We’ve noticed that people who have dental implant surgery become more and more so we’ve decided to write down the most popular question. The stream of information has never been more useful than it is today especially when it comes to some medical or dental procedures. When patients have read in details what their procedure will be they ask more sharp questions and have expectations that are more realistic. You can get detailed information about dental implants by calling or visiting a Dental Clinic like Dental Designs in Singapore.

What is dental implant surgery?

Some people have really bad teeth which can’t function properly, so they need to be changed. Unfortunately, teeth structure is complex and includes more than just the tooth. That’s why dental implant surgery includes changing roots with metal ones and the tooth with an artificial one. The new structure is strong and can be a foundation for a dental bridge. Patients should know that it could take more than one visitation to the dentist office.

How painful is getting a dental implant?

Most people are really scared by the pain. Actually, 70% of people who refuse to visit dentist offices are scared not by the dentist but the pain that might occur. The real fact is that modern dental practice offers different types of anaesthesia so patients might ask for it before the beginning of the procedure. During dental implant surgery, there is almost no discomfort but you will need local anaesthesia.

How long does it take to recover from dental implant surgery?

The time your dentist will need to insert the implant is around an hour but before that, you have to visit your dentist’s office for cleaning the roots and other necessary procedures. So the total amount of time is like 2 hours for every tooth. If you are going to have dental implant surgery to more than one tooth then you might need more time. However, right after the artificial tooth and roots are placed on the gum your new tooth will need at least 4 months to become a real part of your organism. Dental implants are made of special material which doesn’t provoke allergies.

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Is anaesthesia required for dental implants?

Most people ask about anaesthesia because they don’t want to fall asleep during the procedure and to recover one day after it. In fact, general anaesthesia is not needed. However, your dentist will inject you local anaesthesia that will freeze your tooth area.

What are the side effects of dental implants?

Side effects include infection or injury of the surrounding tissue. Sometimes when the tooth is part of the upper jaw sinuses start to cause pain. Another trouble might occur if implants damage some nerves in the mouth. Fortunately, only 2% by all dental implant surgeries are unsuccessful that’s why patients shouldn’t worry.

How can I know if something is not right with my dental implant?

First thing patients feel when there is an infection is a pain. Next, follows higher body temperature and difficulty chewing. Gums around the tooth change their colour – become more red than pink and start to hurt. Swelling occurs and the patient is unable to eat on this side.

Which foods I can’t eat with dental implants?

Dental implants are created to allow people to eat whatever they want. That’s why there are no forbidden foods if you have a dental implant. However, before complete recovering gums might be extra sensitive and hard foods are not recommendable. Choosing soft foods for the first months will assure that the gum won’t be traumatized.

Are teeth implant surgery dangerous?

Not more than any other surgery. Patients should show all their medical history to their dentist, and he might even ask them to stop receiving certain medications. This is extremely important because dental implant surgery includes cutting and stitching.

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